About us

A Pieno Titolo Onlus (APT) is a non-profit organization active in the field of social inclusion, education and labour orientation at the local and national level.

It deals mainly with the issues of education, guidance and integration of migrants; in particular, it addresses issues of recognition in Italy of foreign qualifications and skills development for adults.

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Our activities

APT general objective is to provide specialised services in the field of social inclusion of disadvantaged groups and immigrants. In particular, its main field of expertise lies in the recognition of foreign qualifications and credentials as well as skills validation for foreign nationals; besides, it also offer guidance and orientation on active labour market policies and education for adults.

 APT also offers ad hoc training modules on our fields of expertise for different targets as well as career guidance, counselling and support to organizations and individuals.

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Seminar on 12 May 2017 - Rome

How can who asks and receives asylum in Italy asserting their qualifications and try to build a career path enhancing their studies and skills?
Tools and working practices in comparison.

 12 May 2017 - CESV (Sala Grande), Via Liberiana 17, Rome (ITALY)

On May 12, 2017 will be a day of presentation of the portal qualifyme.it updated and renewed, in which take stock of the results obtained in the three years of implementation, but also a day of reflection on the theme of inclusive integration of migrants in Italy

The aim is to enhance the social and human capital of refugees and third country nationals (in terms of professional and personal skills), to promote a positive integration. This may bring benefits to host countries, in terms of social and economic development, welfare and wealth (human, cultural and economic).

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